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Remove Mold From Your Air Filter In Your Baltimore Home



Mold Remediation Pro’s recommends you to remove mold from your air filter in your Baltimore home. We recommend changing your air filter at least 8 times a year. Mold Removal in Baltimore is a very important part of your everyday health. Here is a article from   explaining why you should change your furnance air filter on a regular basis:


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Prevent Water Damage in Baltimore

Here are some steps to prevent water damage in Baltimore for your home or business. We wanted to post this article from Wiki How to help you before a small problem can become a very large problem in your home or business. Here is the link to the article in reference:


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Commercial Mold Remediation in Baltimore


Here is a great article on the steps to take for commercial mold remediation in Baltimore. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has some tips and advice on how to clean a office building. Here is the reference link to the article:


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When to test for Mold in Baltimore


Here some information regarding when to test for Mold in Baltimore and how mold remediation costs can add up so take some of these precautions and steps before hiring a mold remediation Baltimore company. Here is the source noted in the article below:


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DIY Mold Removal in Baltimore And Why is it a bad idea

Mold Remediation Baltimore Pro’s has some facts on DIY Mold Removal in Baltimore and why is it a bad idea if the mold type is something you do not recognize. Bob Vila explains in this article  to see if you can tackle mold removal on your own.


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How to Prevent and Remove Mildew in your Baltimore home

Mold Remediation Baltimore Pro’s would like to share some valuable information on how to prevent and remove mildew in your Baltimore home. The University of Florida has some great information and facts at the following URL:


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How to Remove Mold from Wood Furniture

Mold Remediation Baltimore has some information on How to Remove Mold from Wood Furniture. I thought I would share this with you if your home could be affected by high volume of mold with furniture surrounding it. The resource is from

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Mold Remediation Baltimore Pro’s suggests that your home or business should Consider Air Quality Testing. Air Quality Testing can only help you with especially seasonal allergies which have gotten worse in Baltimore over the last 10 years.  Here is a article from the Consumer Product Safety Commission that explains some of the reasons for Air Quality Testing. Here is the link in reference to the article:


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How To Prevent Mold In The Kitchen

Here is a great article on how to prevent mold in the kitchen. The reference article url is:

By |October 8th, 2015|Uncategorized|0 Comments I Paint Over Surfaces That Have Mold?

Below is some information on what do if you are painting a wall or area in your house that has mold. Here is a article about Can I Paint Over Surfaces That Have Mold? Here is the link that references the below article.

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