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So far mold_admin has created 30 blog entries. What Can Mold Do To Your Body?

What Can Mold Do To Your Body? Mold in your home or business can take a huge risk to your body. Mold Remediation Pros of Baltimore has seen instances where our clients health has been affected. The CDS( Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has published a article on how mold can affect your body. You know it is serious when a national info site gets involved. Here is the article and source:


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Mold Removal Insurance Baltimore


Your insurance policy will sometimes cover the cost of mold removal in your Baltimore home. Covering Mold Removal on your insurance policy can sometimes be a tricky thing depending on damages and how early you report it. Mold Remediation Pros will discuss some issues and circumstances of how mold will effect your house and what […]

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How To Remove Black Mold

Black mold can be a serious health problem to you and your family. Mold Remediation Baltimore Pros are going to discuss some ways to on how to remove black mold from your home or business. HGTV

has some recomendations as we also put in a few of our own. Here is the source of the article:


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Here is some information on Mold Fungus that can help you better understand the difference between mold and fungi. Mold Remediation Baltimore Pros  will help you identify this for a free no charge inspection. Here is the source of the below article that will help you understand it all better. Source :


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How to prevent mold by mitigating the moisture


The has many guidelines when preventing mold by mitigating the moisture in a new home or existing home. We are a mold removal Baltimore provider that has provided some recommendations below.


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How To: Remove Mold from Wood


Here are some tips and tricks on how to remove mold from wood. Sometimes you just need to remove mold  from wood that has been struck by tons of water. Bob Villa explains in this article:


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Mold Remediation Pros Locations

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The Importance Of Your Sump Pump


Your sump is one of the most important running parts of your home. Mold Remediation Pros is going to explain the importance of your sump pump and how it can prevent water damage in your home. Here is a article from SMD Fluid Switchs   and why this machinery is so important to your home or business. Here is the article:


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Worried about mold? Conduct a mold test on your own


Mold can cause serious health problems. So if you are worried about mold? Conduct a mold test on your own! Mold Remediation Pro’s will give the you the steps on how to conduct a test by yourself.


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Black Mold Covered by Insurance Policies

Mold Remediation Pro’s usually will be asked on occasion is black mold covered by insurance policies? We usually find that insurance companies deny these kind of claims as you must find the source of the water problem where the mold came from. Also you must know when to test for Mold Problems as it can become a serious health issue. Here is some information from Esurance  regarding if mold is covered under your insurance policy.


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